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  • Photo du rédacteurBenjamin Alexandre Jeanroy

French Cannabis On A Roll With CBD Set For Transformation Into A €1bn Industry -19/02/2021

A new parliamentary report has issued a set of recommendations which could massively boost the French hemp and CBD industry.

Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy, of Augur Associates told BusinessCann “This report is the result of years of work that has helped inform the parliamentary inquiry into this nascent market.

The production of the ground-breaking White Paper we produced here at Augur which was presented in the summer of 2020 to the MPs has heavily influenced the recent report including for example increasing THC seed limit to 1%.

This should help establish a clear regulatory framework for those looking to support the growth of the industry in France.

Now the ball is in the hands of the administration and we will, with others, keep the pressure on to ensure the recommendations are correctly implemented in a timely fashion.”


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