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Cannabis Reform In France: Public Consultation On Adult Use - 10/02/2021

France has the highest use of cannabis in Europe, but it still remains illegal for both adult and medical uses. On the 13th of January 2021 the French government launched a consultation, asking the public’s opinion on the legalisation of cannabis for adult use. This consultation is open until the 28th of February, and already has over 200,000 respondents.

What we see today is that cannabis is a right-wing topic in France. Where the lefties and Greens are accused of laxism when they try to defend regulation, the most progressive of the conservative work on a secured approach where they conciliate health and security concerns on a very strict basis. The majority, which has been elected in part for its liberalism and its dynamism seems now outpaced by the one that opposed the subject for years.” – Aurélien Bernard, co-founder of Augur Associates and Newsweed.


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